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Andover Carnival Charities 2023

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Koala provides education and support, to ensure that autistic/neurodivergent individuals, and their families.  

Koala want to ensure that the wider autistic and neurodivergent community were able to access support, within the Test Valley and Hampshire area.​

Through peer groups, training and mentoring, Koala aims to enable our autistic/neurodivergent community to support the development of a hub that will truly support their needs, and that of their family.  Through the use of a consistent physical space, at the Bridge in Andover, Koala will ensure that individuals and families are supported in a consistent, sensory safe environment that is run by neurodivergent individuals.

We will work with local organisations to ensure that our neurodivergent community has a voice and, most importantly, the support that it needs to not only survive but to

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Me and My Dad Club

Me and my Dad Club is an friendly Andover based group set-up to encourage fathers to spend more quality time with their children. 
Me and My Dad club is a local group run by Dads for Dads and their children to meet up and make some memories, new friends and spend some quality time together!
The mission is to create a space for dads and their children (aged 0-11) to have fun spending time together, playing, creating, discovering and eating. In addition to this we aim to be a place where dads can meet and make friends with other local dads.

The Charities: Team Members
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